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Rocky Mountain Rescue Group, Inc. (RMRG) is an all-volunteer organization trained and equipped for search and rescue on mountainous terrain in all weather conditions. Founded in 1947, we are Boulder County's primary mountain rescue agency, but upon request also assist other mountain rescue teams outside the county. We also provide outdoor recreation safety education and disaster response services. RMRG is a non-profit IRS 501(c)3 organization and we do not charge for our services.

Evacuation of an injured scrambler from the base of the 2nd Flatiron

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Our latest missions, lessons learned, safety education, fundraising and provide a searchable record of selected past missions from which we hope you learn what you need to never need our assistance in the field. 


Evacuation of an injured scrambler from the base of the 2nd Flatiron

Dave Christenson

Rescuers performing a night scree evacuation of an injured party along the base of the 2nd Flatiron. Rescuers pull the litter against a lowering belay rope (not visible) tied to the head end of the litter.

At 8:32 pm, Friday, June 10, RMRG, City of Boulder Fire Department, Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks, and BCSO Emergency Services were paged to respond to an injured party on the 2nd Flatiron. The injured party, a 22 year old man, had "landed wrong" from the jump on the Freeway route, sustaining a minor, partially incapacitating injury. The injured party was able to descend most of the 2nd Flatiron with assistance from a party member, but was unable to descend a 5 meter steep step at the base of the cliff.

An RMRG rescuer lowered the injured party down the steep step with a tandem rappel, and then additional rescuers loaded the party into an RMRG litter for scree and trail evacuation to the Bluebell Shelter. Rescuers completed the evacuation at 11:00 p.m.