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3720 Walnut St
Boulder, CO, 80301
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Rocky Mountain Rescue Group, Inc. (RMRG) is an all-volunteer organization trained and equipped for search and rescue on mountainous terrain in all weather conditions. Founded in 1947, we are Boulder County's primary mountain rescue agency, but upon request also assist other mountain rescue teams outside the county. We also provide outdoor recreation safety education and disaster response services. RMRG is a non-profit IRS 501(c)3 organization and we do not charge for our services.

Becoming a Member of RMRG


If you are interested in becoming a member of the Rocky Mountain Rescue Group, you have come to the right page and we are excited that you are considering this valuable service to our community. Becoming a member is a rigorous multi-step process including:

  • Application & meeting attendance

  • Applicant selection process

  • Prospective Training Program (PTP)

  • Search and Rescue Training

  • “Support Member” Application

  • Vote of the Membership

program status

We are not currently accepting applications. The selected 2019 class is now moving through through the training process. For 2019, we had a large amount of interest and a difficult selection process. Thank you to all of you that submitted applications. The next training class will likely be in late 2020. We will announce the next application “open season” on our website and social media.

Program Details

Below are details of the process. Although not required, nearly all of our members live in Boulder County.  

1) Application & meeting attendance

  • Submit an application for Prospective Membership

  • Attend one of the two “Intro to RMRG” lectures (the lectures are identical). Check the calendar page for the meeting location

    • December 8, 2018

    • January 11, 2018

  • Have attended at least three normal Wednesday night meetings in the 6 months prior to attending the first PTP weekend noted below.  At those meetings we debrief our recent missions and then usually go into some sort of training topic. All meetings are scheduled on the calendar on our website. These required meetings are in addition to the Intro to RMRG lectures.

2) Applicant Selection process

This next step includes our application review, interview of selected applications, and final selection process.

3) prospective training program (PTP)

In order to make it to the next step, you must successfully complete the PTP which includes the following:

  • Fully attend both PTP weekends which are designed to provide you with a basic knowledge of mountain search and rescue:

    • April 13-14, 2019

    • April 27-28, 2019

  • Pass a knot test at the beginning of the first weekend (expertly tie bowlines, figure 8’s, double sheetbend, munter hitch, and prussik).

  • Pass a deeper knot test at the end of the second weekend (expertly tie bowlines, figure 8’s, water knot, double sheetbends, double fisherman’s, munter hitch, prussik, clove hitch -- note that the knots pluralized can be tied in multiple ways and all may be tested)

4) Search and Rescue Training

This next step includes attending meetings and Sunday field practices (and occasional Wednesday night practices), side-by-side with RMRG members. These provide Prospective Members with the background and skills to move towards full membership and allows members an opportunity to get to know you. It takes PMs typically 12 to 18 months of regular attendance at meetings and practices before being ready to submit a membership application. Prospective Members must maintain a minimum attendance of 2 field practices and 2 meetings in every calendar quarter in order to be allowed to continue attending field practices.

5) “Support Member” Application & Vote

Election to membership is determined by a majority vote of active members assessing your technical competency along with many other non-technical factors. Completion of the PTP and search and rescue training is not a guarantee of election to membership.

6) RMRG MemberSHIP

At this point, you are ready to participate on mountain search and rescue missions. Additional training requirements apply for continued membership.