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RMRG is a fully
accredited Mountain Rescue Association (MRA) team

For rescue assistance, call 911 or Boulder County Sheriff's dispatch
(303) 441-4444

Thanks to our supporters:
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Flatirons sunrise The Flatirons at sunrise, left to right, Fifth, Fourth, Third, Second, First. RMRG responds to emergencies in the Flatirons year round. The Third Flatiron & vicinity is currently closed to protect nesting raptors.

What We Do

Rocky Mountain Rescue Group, Inc. (RMRG) is the primary responder for mountain rescue emergencies in Boulder County, CO, USA. RMRG is an all-volunteer, charitable non-profit, IRS 501(c)3 corporation. RMRG does not charge for rescue or other services.

* Technical Mountain Search & Rescue
* Outdoor Safety Education
* Disaster Response

Rescue Pages

26-June-2015: 68 calls for emergency assistance, 46 field operations so far in 2015.

15-May-2015: MRA Summer 2015 Meridian published (PDF file, 4 MB, 20 pp).

5-Apr-2015: Evacuation of a party injured in a paragliding accident from Wonderland Hill.

21-Mar-2015: Evacuation of an injured hiker from the base of the Second Flatiron.

Nov-2014: 2014 RMRG Newsletter published, 2 MB, 12 pages, PDF

1-Mar-2015: MRA Winter 2015 Meridian published (PDF file, 4 MB, 20 pp). 2015 MRA/NASAR/CSRB Conference, Accidents of North American Mountaineering Update and more.

2014: 156 calls, 93 field missions. Narrative summary, tabular summary (100 KB PDF, 4 pages), Call locations interactive map, including individual call dates, times and summaries.

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