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RMRG is a fully
accredited Mountain Rescue Association (MRA) team

For rescue assistance, call 911 or Boulder County Sheriff's dispatch
(303) 441-4444

Thanks to our supporters:
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RMRG is a volunteer search and rescue organization specializing in mountain backcountry emergencies. We hold field training sessions ("practices") and meetings every other week and safety education events throughout the year. See our Training Calendar for the latest schedule and information. scree evac RMRG FIELD practices are closed to non-members except by invitation from the Assistant Group Leader (AGL).

In order to participate in field practices and apply for membership, individuals must first complete the Prospective Training Program. We encourage those who are curious about joining our team to attend our Wednesday night meetings to meet our members and learn about what we do. Meetings debrief recent missions, and then have a presentation on a rescue related topic. Following the meeting there is time for prospective volunteers to hear more about the group and ask questions.

Prospective Training Programs are typically held in the Spring and Fall, depending on our membership recruiting needs. For information on the next scheduled series, email us at:

When the next prospective training series is firmly scheduled, the events will appear on our Calendar, labeled "Prospective Training Program." The series begins with an "Introduction to Mountain Rescue" lecture giving an overview of mountain rescue and volunteering for RMRG. Attendance at this introductory lecture is mandatory to enter the Prospective Training Program. There are five additional training elements:
  • a lecture on missing person search (one evening),
  • four hands-on field practices (held on two separate weekend days, two topics each session)
Prospective members must complete at least four of these five training elements in addition to the introduction lecture. Upon completion of the Prospective Training Program, the Prospective Training Program director will have the AGL invite graduates to attend regular practices (also on the Training Calendar) and continue training toward the Support Member level. Prospective members must be competent mountain hikers. Climbing, mountaineering, winter travel skills, and medical care experience are helpful, but not required. If you are interested in participating in an upcoming Prospective Training Program, please email us at so we can reserve a seat for you. Class size is limited.

We generally have an ongoing need for:

The entry level position and main base of our team is the operational "support member". The non-field work needs span the entire scope of non-profit agencies.

Support Membership

There are three levels of membership in RMRG: Support, Rescue Support, and Qualified. An individual interested in becoming a member (always starting as a Support member) is known as a "prospective member." AFTER COMPLETING the Prospective Training Program, Prospective members attend Wednesday night meetings and Sunday practices to get to know members and learn our systems. Typically, prospective members train with us for a couple hundred hours over about a year before applying for membership. Membership applications are discussed and voted upon by the entire Group membership.

Prospective members must be competent mountain hikers. Climbing, mountaineering and winter travel skills are helpful, but not required.

Support members must be able to participate in rescue operations in the field. They are expected to be able to work safely under any conditions encountered in Colorado on all operations for which they might volunteer. More importantly, each member is expected to know NOT to volunteer for an operation unless properly equipped, skilled and physically conditioned at the time. Support members are expected to help carry loads on trails, to ascend and descend fixed safety lines with loads, and to assist in searches and evacuations. All members are expected to assist in making equipment mission-ready.

A prospective member who has fulfilled the Support Membership requirements may submit a Membership application according to the Membership Policy. The membership application must be endorsed by a Qualified member who can confidently assess the prospective member's attitude and judgment.

Suitable personality traits are very important because the time will come when each member will be responsible for the lives of other Group members, so members must be confident in prospective members' skills and judgment. Few members will vote for a candidate they do not know, so it is to the prospective members' advantage to be known by Group members and to have had several Rescue Support and Qualified members sign their training card.

Non-Field Related Assistance / Auxiliary Membership

The non-field work needs can range from one time projects to long term assistance. The majority of our non-field needs require at least moderate length commitments to the RMRG (1 year+) since a basic understanding of how we operate is often required. If you are interested in assisting the group in our non-operational needs, please contact our business manager at . We'll discuss your skills and interests and figure out how you can help us. The key on use of non-field assistance is we need to see a significant net benefit, because it always requires some amount of field member time, which is in limited supply due to all the other group needs.

Short term projects (a day to a few months) may include:
  • Graphic design
  • Web design
  • Fundraising & Marketing event assistance
Medium to Long term work (1 year +) may include:
  • Safety Education (presentations & presentation development)
  • Event assistance
  • IT
  • Finance
  • Fundraising
  • Marketing

Professional Donated Services

There is also a need for professional donated services that require no additional time commitment to RMRG beyond the work. These vary between continuous needs to needs associated with specific projects and include:
  • Vehicle Maintenance & Repair
  • Printing Services
  • Graphic Design
  • Machining & Welding
Donations are tax deductible and we often recognize our professional donors on our website, newsletter, and elsewhere.
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